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Image by Deva Darshan


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Drape emerges from the essence of gifting a saree to a loved one. We are the pioneers in  draping of colors, philosophies and cultures of India . Fashion in a timeless classic that keep on changing

yet never loses its essence.  We  at Drape understand unique trends and blends

contemporary Renaissance to evergreen classics. 

Drape was created with designers from Rajasthan, Banaras, Lucknow, Gujrat and Calcutta.  Let our products take through a journey of the rich heritage of India while bringing you the regional specialty and character with each fabric. Time travel through the passages of history and discover the finest of crafts and the best of weaving with us. Bringing together the textile designers, artisanal communities, weavers and artists, here’s a contemporary platform that meets the delightful treasures and doesn’t fade them out.



Rooted in superior craftsmanship and unparalleled romance with handloom our journey

began as a local store . Everybody is unique and so our clothes should be

a testimony to that.  Most of the product being sold here is unique and exclusive as well as

different from any other product we create. This creates rich , intricate and unique textile which cannot be created with mass production. We strive towards to provide the right fit by offering the highest quality of the products . As a design house we continue to create new conversations in textile, culture and heritage through a unique range of saris.

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Made in India our products and packaging are but natural and ecofriendly to have a sustainable environment. We use all natural and genuine textile to ensure you always get the best designer experience at a while promoting small designers and weavers.

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